PROGETTO Integrity Against Match-fixing – IAM

1 Aprile 2020

The project Integrity Against Match-fixing – IAM aims to fight match-fixing through education for young athletes aged 14-16 years old.

The core idea of our project is to fight this international contemporary threat facing sport through education among young athletes in order to preserve transparency, fair-play and respect for others at the earliest level of sport activity. The challenges posed by the manipulation of matches need today a strong cooperation at European and international level in order to protect the future of sport as well as its ethics and integrity.

The match-fixing at the EU level is considered one of the most dangerous threats to sports. Indeed, in 2018 the observer ESSA reported 267 match fixing alerts to sport and regulatory authorities. Among these suspicious alerts of 2018, 148 concerned Europe, 7 more than in the previous year. Europe still has its primary position of sporting manipulation and therefore there is still much to be done to achieve the goals.

As a tool of fairness promotion, art. 165 TFEU recognizes the relevance of promoting cooperation between Member States and international sport organizations, which is also a central purpose of IAM.

The project’s priority is to promote integrity in grassroots sport among U-14 and U-16 players through the transnational collaboration of a European network involved in three main sectors: education, sport and supporter protection. IAM solid consortium will involve six partners from five different countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey), combining their perspectives, expertise and social context in a successful project.

The core activities of the project will be:

1. Desk research concerning the current situation, knowledge and understanding about match-fixing at international level.

2. Field research with a focus on the target groups in each partner country.

3. Implementation of interactive workshops for young athletes, explaining them the importance of fair-play on and off the field.









Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Socio Economico – ISES (ITALY)

Bulgarian Sports Development Association – BSDA (BULGARIA)